Sink of windows, show-windows, facades

Windows of residential and non-residential objects need periodic cleaning. It is impossible to clean the windows, the glass facade without proper experience and special equipment.


Professional window cleaning is performed by experts consistently:

  • cleaning the frame, window sills from dust and dirt;
  • removing dirt from the glass surface of windows, windows with a scraper;
  • applying detergent and washing windows, shop windows;
  • making the glass shine;
  • cleaning window, showcase fittings;

Professional washing of glass surfaces is performed only with special detergents that do not damage the glass and do not leave a divorce on it.

The cost of services for washing windows, shop windows depends on the following factors:

  • design features;
  • number of window openings;
  • glazing height;
  • glazing area;
  • degree of pollution;

from 30 UAH / m2